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The WNBC and WYNY Reunion Page
The WNBC and WYNY Reunion Page
Meet The DJ's


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Matt Seinberg and Batt Johnson

Tracy Carmen, Joey Reynolds and Jay Sorenson

Batt Johnson, Steve Warren and Tim Byrd

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It's finally over...and was a resounding success!!

                  UPDATED June 21, 2004
The date for the Reunion was June 20, 2004 at The Hard Rock Cafe in NYC from 6-11PM.
The reunion  was terrific, and everyone had lot's of fun! Here is the complete guest list:
Tim&Sally Byrd, John Bohannon, Mitch Lebe, Herb Barry, Peter Shane, Elena Nacanther, Steve Warren, Frank&Lauren Cipolla, Rick Sommers, Andy Fisher, Catherine Smith&Doug O'Brien, Steve O'Brien, Jimmy Diele&Cindy Guzzo, Chris Doyle, Richard Lipstein, Bruce Leonard&Tamara Pearce, Laura Nilon Tressel&Will Tressel, Steven Grumbach, Anita Bonita, Peter Kanze, Lauren Esposito, Dave&Abby Sims, Sam Hall, Gene Garnes, Steve Greenstein, Bob&Edie James, Ray Rossi, Jeff&Pat Kroll, Batt Johnson, Mary Shaw, Tracy Carmen, Barry Carmen, Randy Hoffner, Jay Sorenson, Chris DiPaola and his Dad, Art Vuolo "Radio's Best Friend", Jim Kerr, Bennett Levine, Mr.&Mrs. Mark Olkowski, Frank Osborn, Joey Reynolds, and Pete Salant of "9!" and "99!" fame.
Thanks to everyone who helped: Lauren Esposito, Peter Kanze, Ed Brouder's Man From Mars Productions, Bill Dulmage, Russ Horton, Bruce Slutsky, Paul Richards, Doug Stoffa, John Pasquale/Hard Rock Cafe, Radio-Info and NYRMB for allowing me to post about the reunion!

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Welcome To Big Apple Airchecks, Your Full Service Aircheck Source!