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Meet The DJ's
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Meet The DJ's


I've been lucky to meet a lot of great DJ's over the years. Here are some pictures taken September 26, 2002 at the Museum of Television and Radio in Manhattan at a seminar honoring Scott Muni. You'll see Dan Ingram, Pat St. John, Jim Kerr and of course, Scott Muni. Want to make a trade? Email me HERE!

Dan and I at MTR...great to see him again!

Here I am with Big Dan Ingram, best known for his long stint at Musicradio 77 WABC. Dan also had a long run at WCBS-FM  before leaving in June 2003. We'll miss you on the radio Dan! Good luck with whatever you do!

Click on the picture to visit Scott's page at Q104
Here I am with the man of the night, at MTR honoring his contributions to NY Radio.

Scott Muni was honored Sept. 26, 2002 at the Museum of Television and Radio during their Annual Fall Radio Festival for his many years of radio work. Scott has been at WABC, WNEW-FM, and now does 12-1PM on WAXQ.

Jim and I attending the Scott Muni seminar at MTR. Click on the picture to visit Jim's page at Q104.

Jim has worked at some top stations in NYC, including WPLJ,WPIX-FM, WMXV, and WYNY 107.1, and is now doing morning drive at WAXQ, (Q104) with long time producer Eric Margolis and news anchor Shelly Sonstein. His first and second shows are available on CD, courtesy of Linda Cohen.

Pat and I at MTR attending the Scott Muni seminar. Click on the picture to visit Pat's website.

Pat St. John has worked at some great radio stations, including WKNR, CKLW, WPLJ, WNEW-FM, and now he does weekends and fill-ins at WCBS-FM. Pat also has done numerous voiceover work, and has done the announcers duties for the past several years for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC-TV. Click on the picture and check out his website,!